A clash of titans in the Haitian music scene as Arly Larivière and Jean Hérard Richard reignite their rivalry, sparking intense buzz. Meanwhile, Jude Jean Platel emerges as a rising star, captivating audiences with his versatile WOYYY!

Arly vs Richie: musical feud or media buzz? | WOYYY!!!

A fierce rivalry resurfaces between two great masters of Haitian Compas music: Arly Larivière and Jean Hérard Richard. WOYYY!!!

The titanic clash erupted to pitting two iconic figures against each other. These two sons of Cap-Haïtien have sparked considerable buzz igniting fervent debates and discussions.

The source of their feud? Arly said he can outshine Richie’s band ,WOYYY!!!

Arly lead singer of NU LOOK made bold statements during an appearance on Guy Wewe's show, asserting his readiness to outshine his rivals once again. He boldly declared, “I am prepared to shine brightly, effortlessly surpassing them once more. KLASS may have had its moment, but I am the one who truly illuminated them.”

In response, Maestro Richie, of the band KLASS took to the airwaves on ‘Cho GOGO a' to address certain issues and shed light on the ongoing controversy between himself and Arly. Richie asserted, “Arly Larivière may be a more astute businessman than me, but he will never surpass me as a musician.”

“Do not compare Arly to Nu Look and Klass; it is unjust, as KLASS is a collective effort, whereas Nu Look is essentially Arly and his companions. Arly may present a cool facade, but the rest of the musicians are left in obscurity,” Richie said. WOYYY!!!

Jude Jean Platel emerges as a rising star in Haitian Music Industry.

A native of Haïti’s southern city of Les Cayes, Jude Jean Platel is gifted with undeniable talent, he effortlessly navigates various musical genres, from Compas to Afro, R&B, and Slow. Young and very talented, he has a very promising future in the Haïtian Music Industry, HMI .

Born into a family of musicians, Platel was immersed in a musical environment from an early age, fostering his passion for music. His comfort on stage developed ten, alongside his love for the music.

Opting for the stage name Jude Jean Platel, the artist, originally known as Platel Jean Jude, embarked on his musical journey. The young Platel had great success with the music video song “Fanm sa merite lanmou” in collaboration with “Thelo G”.

In September 2021, Jude Jean Platel ventured into Afrobeat music with the release of his single “Mariella” The following month, his collaboration with Bob Cailloux on “M’ap viv poukont mwen” captivated audiences, further solidifying his presence in the industry.

With each endeavor, Jude Jean Platel cements his status as a promising talent within the Haitian music scene.

Paying homage to his mother, Platel released “Mèsi manman” on May 8, 2022, a track that resonated deeply with his female audience, showcasing his romantic side. On October 23, 2022, alongside D-Singer and David Vilsaint, Jude Jean Platel participated in a tribute to Mikaben, commemorating the late artist's legacy with the heartfelt track “Immortel“. August 5, 2023, marked the release of his single “Alèz avè l,” showcasing Platel's versatility and continued evolution as a musician.

Ralph Delly is an award-winning music and entertainment journalist with extensive experience covering the Haitian Music Industry and the Haitian-American community. He has worked in Haiti and the United States at such media organizations as Radio Metropole, WNWK/107.5 FM, Radio Soleil d’Haïti and The Haitian Time – where he penned the popular “The Delly Dish” gossip column. Dellys has worked with numerous artists in the HMI, including Zin, Lakol, Phantoms, Zenglen, Sokute, Jam, See Well and 509 – to name a few. Delly graduated from Carlos Albizu University of Miami and City College of New York (CUNY)

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