PNH, Haiti police,
The Regional Office of the General Inspection of the PNH in the Big North building in Cap-Haitien on Feb. 24, 2024. Photo by Onz Chery for Go West Now

CAP-HAITIEN — The police force is currently interrogating 16 suspects following their arrest in connection with the investigation into the death of a police officer killed during an armed robbery on Feb. 19 in Petite Anse, a town on the outskirts of Cap-Haitien’s downtown area, the institution’s spokesperson in the Northern Departement said.

“We’re going to keep asking them questions so we can determine if they were implicated,” Arold Jean said. “And then we will more than likely hand over the ones we’re supposed to to the justice system.”

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Onz Chery is a Haiti correspondent for Go West Now. Chery started his journalism career as a City College of New York student with The Campus. He later wrote for First Touch, local soccer leagues in New York and Elite Sports New York before joining Go West Now in 2019.