Claude Joseph, Moise Jean Charles, Haiti
Haiti’s former Prime Minister Claude Joseph (right) and ex-Senator Moïse Jean-Charles (right) both want Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down. Photo credit: Claude Joseph’s Facebook/Moïse Jean-Charles’s Facebook

Ongoing protests aimed at pushing Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign by Feb. 7 escalated on Monday, with one demonstrator shot dead and three left wounded in Les Cayes, a southern commune, according to Le Nouvelliste. Former Prime Minister Claude Joseph and former Senator Moïse Jean-Charles were among those tear-gassed in separate incidents as the protests have grown.

Behind the widespread protests taking place across the country is the gays-approaching arrival of February 7, Haiti’s constitutionally designated date for a new head of state to be installed. Some political opponents of Henry, such as Jean-Charles, have said that Henry signed an agreement, the December 21 Accord, saying he would leave office on Feb. 7, 2024.

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Onz Chery is a Haiti correspondent for Go West Now. Chery started his journalism career as a City College of New York student with The Campus. He later wrote for First Touch, local soccer leagues in New York and Elite Sports New York before joining Go West Now in 2019.