Round-up of the most talked-about happenings around Haitian entertainers includes: The mixer-mixup with Vyab during Konpa Kingdom, the on-stage scuffle with Bedgine and Shabba’s pilgrimage to a houngan in Okap.

Shabba goes to Vodou priest to protect Ekip!

Herve “Shabba”Antenor went to Cap-Haitien to be initiated into Vodou for the spiritual elevation of his being and to protect the band Ekip, according to video blogger Leroy Woodnave. Woyyyy!

Shabba will have to reach a spiritual dimension that will change his life and his business. Thus begins his journey, his mystical pilgrimage.

Shabba saw a houngan in front of Saint Jacques in order to protect EKIP, according to Woodnave. “He spent seven days without taking a shower, sleeping on the floor,” the blogger said.

Apparently Shabba was sitting in a very low chair, almost at floor level, legs apart, with candles, orange leaves and other boko equipment laid out in front of him. Around his neck, he wears several necklaces of multicolored beads and some gris-gris, talisman, on his wrists as well. He wore several rings on his fingers and on his head, a white hat, to face the anxieties of the HMI. Woyyyy!

Everything happened in a djévor, an initiation chamber. The houngan offered him initiation, making it possible to organize and protect his band.

EKIP has been in the studio for months. Band member Steeve Khe went to Montreal for a couple weeks without telling the fans or the media what’s going on, despite rumors that EKIP broke up.

Michael Guirand and Rodney Noel get heated over Konpa Kingdom mixer mixup

After the Dec. 31 Konpa Kingdom show, VAYB singer Michael Guirand went on social media to blast KAI manager Fito Farinen and the organizer for un-plugging VAYB’s mixer before the band was finished performing. Woyyyy!

On his Facebook page, Michael Guirand said: “Touching one is touching all. The activity is expired, sit down and let the youth take over. You are on back mode, you must change strategy...the weekend has a master.” Woyyyy!

Rodney Noel, who is a good friend of Fito, quickly responded to Michael’s statement.

“Since you need to raise, you put Compas Festival ahead, But you forgot it was the first big stage you were on…..I kiss the band's ass,” Noel wrote. “You have the right not to no longer needs Haitian Compas Festival, but give it respect.”

Noel had been supporting Michael since he was in Carimi.

Bedjine attacked during Montreal performance

Notoriety can, sometimes, rhyme with trouble. Singer Marie “Bedjine” David can now attest to this personally after being physically attacked in public. Woyyy!

It happened during a concert in Montreal that got the internet talking, when a fan approached the artist while the event was in full swing. He went on the stage to beat her. The situation was quickly brought under control, with the rapid intervention of the security team. The artist, who briefly denounced the attack, was then taken to the hospital.

Later on, according to Titwan Kazimi, Bedjine said it was a fan who was so happy to see her that he jumped on her.

Some believe it was the sexy outfit that Bedjine had on that generated the attack.

“It's f%$&#g disgusting, and there's no place for it there. It's not your f%$&#g body, and you don't grab someone's body like that,” fan Emann Joasil said on his Facebook page.


Ralph Delly is an award-winning music and entertainment journalist with extensive experience covering the Haitian Music Industry and the Haitian-American community. He has worked in Haiti and the United States at such media organizations as Radio Metropole, WNWK/107.5 FM, Radio Soleil d’Haïti and The Haitian Time – where he penned the popular “The Delly Dish” gossip column. Dellys has worked with numerous artists in the HMI, including Zin, Lakol, Phantoms, Zenglen, Sokute, Jam, See Well and 509 – to name a few. Delly graduated from Carlos Albizu University of Miami and City College of New York (CUNY)

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