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Madgie Nicolas pictured with Trump. Photo via Twitter

Joe Biden’s recent eight-minute-and-46-second speech while visiting the Haitian-American community reveals just another last-minute attempt at pandering for minority votes.

For his 47 years as a career politician in Washington DC, he has no substantive record of support from the Haitian-American community, yet he is now pandering in an 11th-hour attempt to secure what he sees as nothing more than another voting bloc in Florida. The Haitian-American community will not fall for it.

Biden is the walking embodiment of the betrayal, manipulation, misused and abused, empty promises of the Democratic party toward communities of color. If Biden truly cared about Haitian-Americans, he would have stood up and been a leader for the community eight years ago when he was Vice President to the first Black President, who never visited or tried to understand the deep issues of the First Black Republic. If he’s been such a great leader with such command of world affairs, why has he been MIA for Haitian-Americans, only to pop up when it comes time for us to cast our votes?

A Biden-Harris Administration would seek to undo almost every major accomplishment made by President Trump. I call such damage to our community “Burden, Yup Joe Burden.” Ayisyen, nou pap pran tikèt sa!

Joe Biden is a bigot who does not care to change, listen, or learn. Kamala Harris is no better. She, like Biden, has a record of incarcerating Black Americans just like Biden and his destructive 1994 Crime Bill.

As a Haitian-American, I urge my community to look at the candidate’s actions over their rhetoric. We understand what is at stake.

Now is the time to organize and vote our values because our families, our communities, our businesses, or wallets, and our futures truly depend on it.

Joe Biden thinks the Black community lacks diversity in all forms. The fact that there is a Haitian-American community shows that we are diverse. Our skin color is all he sees and then he will drop us after the election just like Democrats always do.

I know Haitians are not all Democrats. We are all Haitian-Americans with conservative values who decide on faith, family, freedom, and free enterprise. Imagine the America we would leave for our children by voting for Biden-Harris. They are against school choice and charter schools, they will raise taxes, reinstate unfair trade deals, and be more focused on improving the economy and jobs for citizens in Lu’an and not Little Haiti.

Madgie Nicolas is a proud Haitian-American entrepreneur who serves on the Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board.

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