Photo source: Germany’s federal government website.

By Bobb Rousseau

Opinion Contributor

Photo source: Germany’s federal government website..

The diaspora of the Republic of Haiti is requesting a public apology from the German government for the political shame and diplomatic humiliation it inflicted upon the flag, patriotic values, rule of law, and sovereignty of Haiti on December 6, 1897.

This upcoming December 6th marks the 123rd year that the German government defaced the Haitian flag with feces,although the Haitian government complied with all its demands. The Haitian government allowed Emile Lüders to return to Haiti instead of serving his year sentence for beating a Haitian soldier and making a mockery of the Haitian judicial system. Haiti furthermore paid a ransom of 20,000 Reichsmark to Germany, saluted the German flag with 21 cannon shots, addressed an apology letter to Germany, and organized an official ceremony in the honor of Special Envoy Count Schewerin.

With two German warships, Charlotte and Stein, accosted into Haitian waters, Germany would have gunned down Haiti if it did not agree to such embarrassing and degrading demands.

The actions of Germany violated Haiti’s respect, honor, dignity, and sovereignty and downplayed Haiti’s standing in the fights against slavery. The Diaspora of the Republic of Haiti is appalled that after more than 120 years, Germany has never bothered to apologize publicly to Haiti for its xenophobic behaviors toward the first Black independent country.

There is no record of Germany apologizing to Haiti before the two countries resumed their diplomatic relations. If such a record exists, the Diaspora of the Republic of Haiti demands that the German government makes it public to remind the world that Germany is still committed to respecting Haiti’s independence and sovereignty.

The diaspora of the Republic of Haiti demands that the German government present a public apology, in the form of a letter, to the Haitian government no later than December 6, 2020.

Dr. Bobb RJJF Rousseau, Ph.D., is a law and public policy expert.

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  1. Young Haitians everywhere should remember these types of historical events. Pass them down generationally so we keep it in our hearts who are enemies are. One day will, redemption will come, and it will be bloody.

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