After nearly six months entangled in the Paraguayan legal system, Ronaldinho is set to be granted his liberty from house arrest on Monday by judges in Asunción.

The World Cup winner and his brother, Roberto de Assis, were first jailed in March when they entered the country for a promotional tour with falsified Paraguayan passports and ID. Neither of the brothers have Paraguayan citizenship. Their lawyer maintains that his clients did not know the documents were falsified, as they were given to them by a local sponsor upon landing. The two had faced up to five years in jail.

“There is no indication that he has any personal characteristics or criminal behaviour that ... would put society at risk,” one of the prosecutors in the case said.

Prosecutors say they believe Ronaldinho was unaware the passports were falsified.

Last year, Brazilian authorities seized Ronaldinho’s passport while investigating him for environmental crimes at his home, but he had the document later that year in September.

Ronaldinho’s lawyer, agreed on a plea deal with the federal Paraguayan courts in early August allowing the de Asis brothers return to their native Brazil with conditional freedom. The ex-Barcelona star and his brother both pled guilty to entering with fake passports and paid a $200,000 fine. While Roberto agreed to keep a criminal record in Paraguay, Ronaldinho’s will be expunged as a part of the deal. Roberto, who is also his brother’s agent, must also check in with authorities every three months over the next two years in Brazil during which time he will be not allowed to leave his home country. Continue reading

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