Vorbe Family Says The Sogener Exec Did Not Violate Immigration Laws

Dimitri Vorbe's family said he didn't violate any immigration laws. Photo courtesy of Le Nouvelliste

In the ongoing saga involving Dimitri Vorbe, his brother Joël Vorbe said the former electrical utility company executive is not in violation of immigration laws.

Authorities arrested the former Sogener vice-president on Friday and took him to Krome Detention Center.

“He’s in a democratic country,” Joël Vorbe said. “He’s patiently waiting to be brought before a judge to present his documents.”

Dimitri Vorbe fled to the U.S. after the Haitian government accused Sogener of using the country’s money instead of providing electricity. The Haitian government then wrote to United States immigration officials saying that he was overstaying his visitor’s visa, a violation, according to reports.

Dimitri Vorbe had applied for an extension to stay longer, his brother said. Joël Vorbe did not say whether the extension had been granted or was still being processed at the time of the arrest. Continue reading

President Jovenel Moïse Starts A Bank For Farmers

Haiti's President Jovenel Moïse shaking hands with a farmer. Photo courtesy of Trip Foumi

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse started the National Bank for Agricultural Development (BNDA) on Monday to improve agriculture in Haiti, he said.

BNDA, an idea that has been sitting in the president’s office since 1989, will be available to more than 1 million farmers, Moïse said.

“With the creation of the National Agricultural Development Bank (BNDA), it is clear that we set the bar high,” Moïse said. “The challenge is great. But I am firmly committed to tackle obstacles of all kinds to get Haiti out of underdevelopment.” Continue reading

Student Activist Arrested In Petit-Goâve

Student activist Tristan ‘Mahfoud' Matiado was arrested.

Tristan ‘Mahfoud’ Matiado, a student activist at the Faculty of Ethnology, was arrested on Monday. Officials did not publicly share the reason for his arrest in a warrant issued against him, a source said.

Matiado is well-known for his criticisms of the Haitian government and advocating for Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse’s ouster. Numerous Haitians, including human rights defender Henry Beaucejour, took to social media to ask that Matiado be set free. Continue reading

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