Dimitri Vorbe Arrested In Miami For Immigration Issues

Dimitri Vorbe was arrested in Miami. Photo courtesy of Le Nouvelliste

Immigration officials arrested Dimitri Vorbe in Miami Aug. 21, according to Le Nouvelliste. The former SOGENER electrical supply company vice-president was being held in custody at Krome Detention Center.

Officials also arrested Vorbe’s wife, then released her, the newspaper said.

Vorbe fled Haiti because SOGENER was accused of pocketing the government’s money instead of using it to provide electricity. According to Juno7, the government has demanded SOGENER to return $233 million. Its electrical center was confiscated in November. Continue reading

Nine Police Tanks Break Down

PNH (Haiti's National Police)'s tanks. Photo courtesy of Le Nouvelliste

Just six months after PNH (Haiti’s National Police) received 15 tanks, nine of them were damaged, a high-ranking PNH executive told Le Nouvelliste. The tanks are being repaired.

General Director Rameau Normil told government officials that police officers cannot adequately secure the country because PNH does not have the means necessary. Damage to the tanks ranged from flat tires to bullet holes.

Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe later tweeted that 15 million gourdes, which is equivalent to $134151.61, will be spent on PNH’s tanks. “The PNH will then have 22 tanks to continue the fight against insecurity.” Continue reading

Armed Bandits Near Courthouse Bar Lawyers From Working For Two Years

An outside shot of Cour de Cassation. Photo taken by Georges H. Rouzier

Several lawyers in Port-au-Prince have been unemployed for more than two years because armed bandits are preventing people from entering the Court of First Instance.

Some attorneys have had to pay employees out of pocket, attorney Mario Delcy told Le Nouvelliste.

“We are forced to leave our firms open, so we can’t fire our employees,” Delcy said. Continue reading

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