Jovenel Moise Calls on Haitians to be Wise During the 2021 Election

A group of people pondering. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

President Jovenel Moise announced that there will be a presidential election in 2021 on Sunday during a national community dialogue. Moise asked the Haitian population to make the difference between candidates who want to build the country and those who want to destroy it.

“Today, your destiny is in your hands. You people are going to choose who want as leaders. Your choices will determine your future,” Moise said.

Moise also reiterated that even under his reign there’s a group of people who are sucking Haiti’s richness out of it. Continue reading

Two Members of Gang Involved in the Baby Shooting Were Arrested, One Died

P.N.H. (Haitian National Police by its French acronym) arrested two members of 400 Mawozo, the gang that shot a four-month-old baby inside a minivan, on Tuesday night. Another member of 400 Mawozo died during the pursuit.

P.N.H. also seized a 38mm gun, three bullets, 1260 USD, and a motorcycle from the gang members. They identified the two arrested men as Anelson Bastien, also known as Izo, and Duquersne Juan Jacobo Augusto Pacanto.

The arrest happened two days after P.N.H. openly told the criminals that they will either go to hell or to jail. They started an operation in the beginning of August titled Terminator 1 in order to end the gang shootings that left two babies dead in less than a month. Continue reading

Teachers Protested Against Reopening of School During Pandemic and for Better Pay

A teacher holding a ruler in front of a classroom. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

Approximately 10 teachers protested in front of the Ministry of National Education in Nazon to demand better working conditions, salary increase, and against the reopening of classes during the novel coronavirus pandemic when some schools aren’t prepared to do so.

Some of the teachers attempted to break inside the Ministry of National Education, but the security guards fired shots in the air. There were also teachers protesting at Petit Goave, in Cayes, Anse-à-Galets, and in Faustin Soulouque, where cops had to make them evacuate by throwing tear gas.

Over in Nazon, their protest slowed traffic for three hours. Continue reading

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