Since the 2019-2020 La Liga and Champions League campaigns have come to a pause, it’s time to take stock of what Real Madrid fans have learned thus far.

Real Madrid were in second place in La Liga and in the thick of the Champions League when the 2019-2020 season came to a stop due to a pandemic.

Even though Real were behind FC Barcelona and Manchester City in those respective competitions, there’s a lot worth praising. Firstly, Los Blancos are back to playing competitive, aesthetic football with Zinedine Zidane at the helm just one year after they looked like a team on the decline in 2018-2019.

With young players rising through the ranks and more changes to be made in the summer of 2020, Real have to like their chances at building on this success whenever the 2020-2021 season gets underway. And since the 2019-2020 campaign isn’t cancelled yet, there’s always a chance Zidane adds to the Spanish Supercup he claimed in the winter.

Here are four things Real Madrid fans can say they learned from the 2019-2020 campaign thus far, with a special focus on the defense that put Los Merengues in a good position to win La Liga by shutting down rivals time after time.

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