As of March 28, 15 people have been infected with Covid-19 in Haiti according to a report by the Ministry of Public Health and Population (Mspp). The 15 confirmed cases are among the 105 individuals that have been tested so far according to data provided by the ministry. AlterPresse

Joseph Jouthe authorizes opening of factories manufacturing medical equipment in Haiti  

The government authorizes the opening of certain factories that manufacture medical equipment in Haiti, announced the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH) on Twitter after an early morning meeting with Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe on Saturday. “We met with the Prime Minister to show him that factories which already make medical equipment for foreigners are qualified,” said ADIH president, Georges Sassine. Le Nouvelliste

Haiti delays payment of certain taxes

President Jovenel Moise announced Saturday arrangements to grant a period of three months to citizens and businesses to pay their tax fees. The state allows these companies, most of which are closed, to relaunch their activities without constraints. Moïse announced the postponement of the date of payment of income tax for businesses and individuals and the cancellation of fines and penalties due to late payment until June 30. Metropole Haiti

Prisoners to be released under state of emergency

The government promises to release some prisoners as part of the state of health emergency. The Minister of Justice, Lucmane Delille instructed the heads of the Public Prosecutor's Office on Friday to launch legal procedures for the release of certain detainees. These are prisoners accused of minor crimes that include, according to Delille, shoplifting and brawls without injuries. Metropole Haiti

33 years after adoption of the 1987 Haitian Constitution, IDENH claims its rights

On March 29, marking the 33rd anniversary of the amended 1987 constitution, the Integration of the Diaspora for the Emergence of a New Haiti (IDENH) calls for respect for the inalienable rights of the Haitian diaspora established by mother law. This civil society movement recalls the battles waged by multiple associations around the world so that measures were adopted by the government to allow Haitian citizens living abroad to participate in the unconstrained ballot, according to article 52.1 of the mother law, to present their candidacy for the elections in Haiti, they said. Juno 7

“Lage kè m”, the new hit from Evens Atys called Atys Panch

Who hasn't heard of Atys Panch, this young Haitian comedian famous for his hilarious stuttering? On March 15, the humorist released a new single that hit the headlines on social media entitled “Lage Kè m.” This song is about a passionate and complicated love relationship that he has with his girl. The song marks the official return of the humorist to the fifth art, his passion of yesteryear, his childhood dream. However, Panch does not intend to let go of what he can do best: comedy. Juno 7

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