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It was not a spectacular clash but an intriguing draw left us hungry for more and showed Leipzig are worthy title rivals

There was a lot in it but at the same time,” said Thomas Müller, “there was nothing in it.” One of Bayern’s very sharpest minds (and tongues) hit the nail on the head for the umpteenth time in a career every bit as interesting off the pitch as it has been on it. As Munich waited for a storm to brew, meteorologically as well as metaphorically, the Bundesliga’s big clash of the season to date simultaneously gave and took away, delivered and let down, satisfied and left you hungry for more.

It felt as if the whole occasion had been set up to blindside you, from the scheduling – unquestionably the standout game of the weekend being left to last, unusually for Germany, and the 1800 Sunday timeslot – through the teams’ respective preparations, right down to the chronology of the match itself. At the end of it we didn’t quite have the spectacular that we wanted, but we did have a title race fully intact.

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