Lapin’s government announces strong measures to ensure the safety of lives and property

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, after a meeting held with the High Council of the National Police, Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin announced in a pre-recorded message that all those implicated by the question of national security have assumed their responsibilities and that significant decisions were made to ensure the security of the entire country. Continue reading

Carrefour completely paralyzed by the threats of Martissant's armed gangs

The residents of Carrefour are taking seriously the threats of the armed gangs that control the neighborhoods of Grand-Ravine and Village-de-Dieu prohibiting anyone from frequenting Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines, near Martissant. Barricades of burning tires have been noticed, although none are on the main road, none the less all commercial and public enterprises are closed. Continue reading

Ministry of Culture and Communication condemns attempted arson of Mupanah

In a press release dated Tuesday, Oct. 29, the Ministry of Culture and Communication condemned the criminal act perpetrated by individuals who attempted to burn down the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH). “The museum itself was not affected, however, the restaurant was vandalized resulting in broken windows. Had it not been for the diligence of the security officers on site, the damage would have been more significant,” stated the note. Continue reading

The State hires several law firms to defend its interests

The Haitian State has engaged the professional services of lawyers from several law firms including Osner Fevry, Cabinets Fevry; Ephésien Joissaint; Cabinet Joissaint law Firm; Fritzo Canton, Cabinet Canton; and Newton Louis St-Juste, Cabinet Vir Bonus Cabinet in order to defend its interests as it pertains to energy supply contracts. Continue reading

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