Gary Bodeau: ‘The departure of the president may be an option'

On Monday, Oct, 28, 2019, Gary Bodeau, president of the Chamber of Deputies during an interview stated “We are in a difficult situation where everyone must show responsibility. But the one with the most responsibility in this case is the president of the republic. Even if he was elected, no sacrifice is too big. I think the time has come for the president to put his mandate on the table and start appropriate discussions.” Continue reading

Jovenel Moïse talks about turning the crisis into opportunity

During an interview on a television/radio network, Haitian President, Jovenel Moïse insisted on the establishment of a government of national unity and invited the opposition to begin a dialogue to end the current crisis. Continue reading

Inspector General, Frantz Georges dismissed by PNH “for illegal drug trafficking”

On Friday, Oct, 25, Inspector General Frantz Georges was dismissed by National Police of Haiti (PNH) for “illegal drug trafficking,” stated Michelangelo Louis Jeune, Spokesperson for PNH. Continue reading

Opposition intensifies mobilizations and announces a “putting order to chaos” day targeting officials

According to André Michel, member of the Consensual Alternative, the political opposition intends to intensify protest until the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Continue reading

New York

In honoring the dead, Haiti's Festival of the Ancestors becomes a celebration of life

As the days get darker and the weather colder, there exists a widespread belief that the boundary between the living and the dead starts to thin, allowing spirits to more easily enter into our world. In making the most of this increased potential for connection, many cultures hold large celebrations to honor their ancestors in the early days of November. It’s a time not only to remember the dead but to revel alongside the spirits of all those who have come before us. Continue reading

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