Jovenel Moïse tries to create a synergy between police officers, government commissioners and departmental delegates

Members of the Supreme Council of the National Police (CSPN), the departmental directors of the police, the government commissioners and departmental delegates across the country participated this past Saturday, Oct. 26 in a meeting with the Head of State at the National Palace. Jovenel Moïse hopes to create a synergy between police officers, government commissioners and city delegates in this context of anti-government protest movements. Continue reading

The United States’ position on the political crisis, accepted by some and rejected by others

Opinions have diverged on the latest position of the United States administration on the crisis taking place in Haiti that has shaken the country for months. Some accept this stance while others are against it and state that “The only dialogue that currently prevails is the resignation of the president. Advisers of the President of the Republic did not want to comment. Continue reading

US urge Haitians to end political and economic crisis

“The United States continues to urge all of Haiti's political, economic and civil society stakeholders to enter without delay or pre-conditions, an inclusive dialogue to identify and pursue a path to form a functioning government that will serve the Haitian people and address the country's pressing economic and social concerns,” Washington said in a statement posted on the US Embassy website here. Continue reading

Haiti at risk of going dark on Monday due to government default

The supply of electricity in Haiti could collapse on Monday due to the shortage of fuel to produce the energy caused by the lack of payment from the Government, as reported Friday by Sogener, one of the leading generating companies in the country. Continue reading

Lafortune Leaves A Legacy Of Activism In The Wake Of His Death

The life of prominent Haitian leader and human rights activist Jean-Robert “Sergo” Lafortune was celebrated at a wake in North Miami Beach, Florida on Friday.

The forward-thinking advocate of Haitian, human and immigrant rights was born in

Port-au-Prince-born on April 24, 1956, and died after suffering from a long battle with a chronic illness at the age of 63, according to family and friends. Continue reading

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