A woman shot dead in the presence of her 7-year-old son

A woman returning from the bank was shot dead around noon Wednesday in Delmas 55. The victim was accompanied by her seven-year-old son and husband at the time of the attack and was perpetrated by unidentified individuals riding a motorcycle.

The attackers took the sum of 100 thousand gourdes (US $ 1,064) that the victim had in her possession. According to the latest report of the National Episcopal Commission Justice and Peace (CE-JILAP), at least 123 cases of violent deaths were recorded in Port-au-Prince for the from April to June 2019. Continue reading

“It's easier to have an AR-15 weapon than a school kit,” says Port-au-Prince Mayor

In the face of the armed gangs at the southern entrance to Port-au-Prince and other areas of the capital, Mayor Yuri Chevry went out of his way to talk about the reality of his city. He revealed to Le Nouvelliste that: “it is easier to get an AR-15 automatic weapon from downtown Port-au-Prince than a school kit to prepare for the start of the school year.”

“Here, no one has control of anything,” he said Tuesday night. “The AR-15 assault rifle, civil version of the famous M16 of the US Army, is selling like candles these days.”

Chevry later adds: “The question is where do these people find the ammunition to use these automatic weapons?” Continue reading

Normil Rameau officially becomes the head of the Haiti National Police

The new head of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Normil Rameau, stressed that President Jovenel Moïse won’t be disappointed in him.

“There is no miraculous formula,” he said, noting that he is open to Senators proposals to design and implement his new vision and plan of action. Rameau, who first pushed the police doors in 1995, put the emphasis on the PNH base essential to the solidity and effectiveness of the actions of the institution.

Rameau assures that the PNH will neither be polarized nor politicized. “Neutrality has a price. It is the status of the institution that imposes it,” he said. Continue reading

Citizen rally fighting against insecurity in Haiti to be held Thursday at Carrefour

Several residents of Carrefour plan to make their voices heard against insecurity at a rally on Thursday before the Haitian Coast Guard (better known as the “Haitian Navy”). The gathering would seek to lead to the adoption of adequate institutional provisions to fight against the growing insecurity in various points of the country.

The mayor of Carrefour, Jude Edouard Pierre, has condemned the laxity of the authorities of the central power in the face of the recrudescence of insecurity, especially south of Port-au-Prince at the Bicentenary (downtown of the capital) and surroundings. The situation of traumatic insecurity is causing a slowdown in economic activity in the southern suburbs of Port-au-Prince. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

Expo Showcases Haiti as a Wedding Destination

On Aug. 31, Haitian vendors will convene in New York for the first edition of the I DO Haiti: Bridal & Wedding Expo, where Haiti’s growing wedding industry will be front and center.

“Contrary to public perception, Haiti is rich in history and beauty. Its legacy of resilience and triumph over oppression can never be diminished by negative press,” said Guerline T. Emmanuel… Continue reading

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