The AGD recorded a record 4.5 billion gourdes in July 2019

The General Customs Administration AGD collected nearly 4.5 billion gourdes ($4,731,300 USD) last July compared to funds collected at the same time last year.

The previous record was 3.9 billion gourdes ($4,100,460 USD) collected in December 2018. According to the AGD Director General, Romel Bell, the performance is a result from the slowdown of political and social unrest in recent weeks in addition to the efforts made by his institution to effectively fight against smuggling in the country.

The AGD, according to Bell, were able to raise these funds without taking into account the oil sector especially since the last attempt at rising fuel prices in the Haitian market that had turned into a failure dating back to July 2018 and says it’s the most important performance of the AGD since its inception. Continue reading

Sociopolitical Movements in Saint-Marc Call for the Indictment of Jovenel Moïse in Haiti

Several socio-political organizations in the Artibonite department, including Mouvman for Sve Ayiti (Mvsa) and Mouvman for Sve Senmak (Mopossm) have called their representative in the chamber deputies to vote on Wednesday for the indictment of President Jovenel Moïse.

“Such an action would reflect the taking into account of the demands of the people, in front of a president who does not stop violating the Haitian Constitution,” said the Mvsa, in an open letter addressed to the parliamentarian of Haiti.

“The incompetence, irresponsibility and dishonesty of President Jovenel Moïse has led to a worsening of the socio-economic conditions of the country,” notes the Mouvman pou sve Ayiti organization. Continue reading

Police Intestify Operations Against Gangs

A major operation to pacify the Martissant neighborhood located south of Port-au-Prince is underway as of Tuesday according to deputy police spokesman Gary Desrosiers. A similar operation led to the arrest of Elmwood gang leader Tony Dérilus, aka King Toto and one of his deputies. Units from Swat, BOID, UDMO, BIM, Port-au-Prince Police Station and the Sub-Commissariats have regained control of the main axis of the region.

Overall, 42 people have been arrested by law enforcement officials in these neighborhoods that were subjected to gang violence. Over the weekend, at least three people were killed in those neighborhoods as residents flee the area controlled by armed groups who make excursions on Jean Jacques Dessalines boulevard and steal trucks of goods. Continue reading

Haiti faces Guatemala in final group stage match

The Haitian national U15 team will face Guatemala in its final group stage match Wednesday which will determine who advances to the quarterfinals. Both teams have the same number of points after two matches.

Haiti has recovered well by beating Suriname 1-0 Monday in their second match after losing to the United States 2-0 on Sunday. Continue reading

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