Police intensify operations against Gangs in La Saline

Haitian police authorities have resumed operations in several neighborhoods partially controlled by armed gangs.

The police chief, Michelangelo Gideon, reveals that the police have realized in recent days that several operations are occuring in the district of La Saline where there are clashes between rival gangs for control of the area. Several firearms were seized by the police according to Gideon during a hearing on Wednesday. Continue reading

Economist Enomy Germain warns against any minimization of the Haitian crisis

The economist Enomy Germain warns against any minimization of the crisis in Haiti, whose level of complication requires experienced people and not novices.

“People, making up the probable ministerial cabinet, have their first experience at the state level. It is a lack of respect and a refusal of responsibility,” he said on the Tichèzba show on AlterRadio 106.1 FM. Continue reading

National policeman shot dead in Martissant

Salomon Saint-Louis, an officer of the National Police of Haiti (Pnh), was shot dead on Tuesday, in Martissant outside Port-au-Prince by armed individuals. Saint-Louis who was shot in unexplained circumstances, had been assigned to the Central Directorate of Traffic Police (Dcpr). Continue reading

Important progress in Haiti human rights

According to Stephanie Auguste, Minister Delegate for Human Rights and the fight against extreme poverty in Haiti, there has been huge progress has been made in the country in regards to human rights.

Auguste argued Tuesday that the government has given its heart and soul to these advances in human rights citing inter alia the reactivation of the interdepartmental committee on human rights and the focus of different departments on the issue. Continue reading

Parliament To Debate Motion To Indict Haitian President For Treason

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Gary Bodeau, says a motion to indict President Jovenel Moïse for treason will be placed on the agenda ahead of the presentation of the general policy statement of the new prime minister, Fritz-William Michel. Continue reading

Haiti senator tied to kidnapping committed by notorious gang leader, police say

A Haiti senator who recently questioned his own qualifications to hold public office is being tied to one of several kidnappings carried out by a notorious Haitian gang leader. Continue reading

South Florida

Little Haiti Activist Sues to Stop Massive, Controversial Magic City Development

Miami officials seem hellbent on paving over one of the city's last vibrant immigrant communities. Activists in Little Haiti for years have been pushing back against plans to build the Magic City Innovation District — a 17-acre luxury living and shopping complex that is unlike anything else in the working-class neighborhood of Little Haiti. Continue reading


US writers recall their migrant journeys in protest at asylum seekers' treatment

Neil Gaiman, Khaled Hosseini, Ariel Dorfman and Viet Thanh Nguyen are among more than three dozen migrant and refugee writers calling on the US Congress to take “immediate steps to rectify the atrocious conditions for asylum seekers being detained today”. Continue reading

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