IDB grants approval to $55 million financial aid Haiti

This new project is expected to improve the productivity of Haiti’s public sector, along with that, it will make the working more effective and efficient.

The new project will improve the labour productivity and management resources of the public administration. It will expand the coverage of services provided by the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation, and Communications (MTPTC), Ministry of Agriculture and the Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR). Continue reading

Haiti crisis has grown from July 2018 riots

A year after the violent mobilizations from July 6-8, 2018 in Haiti, the socio-political situation is becoming more precarious according to economist Camille Chalmers.

“The country is completely blocked. There is an irreconcilable divorce between the executive, the legislature and the population whose living conditions are deteriorating, “he said.

Chalmers signals a certain unanimity in the vital sectors of Haiti to demand the departure of President Jovenel Moise and the dissolution of the government. Continue reading

More than 1,000 Haitian migrants arrested since June at the U.S.-Mexico border

According to border patrol agents in the Del Rio sector of the U.S.-Mexico border, more than 1,000 Haitian migrants have been apprehended since June 10. The migrants have attempted to cross illegally through the Rio Grande, the river running from central Texas to Mexico. Continue reading

Funeral held for murdered journalist Pétion Rospide

The funeral for murdered journalist Pétion Rospide was held Saturday at the Sacred Heart of Turgeau church in Port-au-Prince. Rospide was fatally shot on his way home June 10 in Port-au-Prince.

Demonstrators were outside where a private vehicle was set on fire. The crowd ended up being dispersed with tear gas. Continue reading

Haitian President attempts to form a government budget

Over the weekend, President Jovenel Moïse attempted to form a government in the midst of the country functioning without a budget for the past three months. Currently, the inflation rate is at 18% which equates to a dollar exchange rate to more of 94 gourdes and demonstrations of blocking roads. Continue reading


8 Haitians, 1 Dominican killed when car plunges into canal

A government doctor in the Dominican Republic says a sedan overloaded with people lost control on a tight turn and careened into an irrigation canal, killing eight Haitians and one Dominican. Continue reading


Haitian-American music industry maven Karen Civil talks career advice and giving back

We’ve been cheering on New Jersey native Karen Civil from the sidelines for years, watching her cement her place as the go-to woman for social- and digital-media marketing strategies in the entertainment industry since launching her website in 2008. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

Haiti’s Newest Beauty Secret: Haitian Vetiver Oil

In recent years, Haiti has earned its spot in the international beauty industry as one of the leading suppliers of natural extracts and oils used in skin, health and dietary regimens. Beauty brands like Kreyol Essence and Okay have helped popularize Haitian national treasures like castor oil and the new-kid-on-the-block— moringa oil. Continue reading

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