Grenadiers Lose 2-1 in Match Against Chile

The Haitian national team lost 2-1 in a friendly match against Chile on Thursday ahead of the 2019 Gold Cup. They went into halftime leading 1-0 due to a goal from forward Frantzdy Pierrot at the 28th minute before Chile overcame the deficit in the second half. The Grenadiers will face Guyana in a friendly match on Tuesday. Continue reading

Red Cross Has Nothing to do with Employee Strike, says Haitian Red Cross President

Dr. Guiteau Jean-Pierre, president of the Haitian Red Cross, said Wednesday they are not responsible for the people working at blood transfusion centers going on strike. The employees are demanding better working conditions in addition to a salary increase.

“There is a decree that has effectively linked the Haitian state through the Ministry of Public Health and Population to the Haitian Red Cross. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that since last year I have been informed by the government that there are provisions being made for the establishment of an organization called the National Blood and Blood Products Organization. This bill removes from the Red Cross any management function of the CNTS,” Jean-Pierre said.

Former Red Cross contract workers have been working under the Ministry of Public Health and Population since December 2018. Continue reading

Petroleum Products Remain Guaranteed, says Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance attempted to assure the public and petroleum consumers Wednesday that arrangements are being made to ensure that supplies will still be at gas stations despite financial problems surrounding the rising price of oil in the country.

“The prices at the pump remain unchanged and an order of 250,000 barrels will be delivered by next week to supply the market,” they said.

Oil companies sent an open letter to the government last month explaining they will no longer be able to supply fuel due to the non-payment of taxes to be reimbursed by the public treasury. Continue reading

Journalist Recipient of 2019 Philippe Chaffanjon Award

Luckson Saint-Vil, a journalist for Radio Métropole and Loop Haiti, received this year’s Philippe Chaffanjon Award for Multimedia Reporting. His article: Cité Soleil: the underside of a fragile peace published in December 2018, focused on the ramifications of a fragile peace between armed gangs in the town of Cite Soleil. Continue reading

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