Former Presidential Candidate Demands Resignation of the Head of State

One-time presidential candidate Jean Charles Moïse is asking for Jovenel Moïse to resign from the presidency within 72 hours due to his implication in the recent PetroCaribe report released last week. Jean Charles believes the president should make himself available to appear in court. A demonstration over the report will occur June 9 in Port-au Prince. Continue reading

Visa Applicants to Provide Social Media Usernames for Entrance to the U.S.

Those who want to travel to the U.S. may soon have to provide social media usernames, email addresses and phone numbers in order to gain entry.

“We are constantly working to find mechanisms to improve our screening processes to protect US citizens,” the Department of State said.

For Haitians, the process may be more strained due to the Trump administration’s plan to deport Haitians currently seeking asylum in the U.S. in addition to President Donald Trump’s statements regarding Haiti. Continue reading

State Officials Upset Over Drop of Purchasing Power as Institutions go on Strike

As workers from various industries go on strike demanding higher wages and better working conditions, Haitian state officials are frustrated over the drop in their purchasing power. Currently, the currency of the gourde compared to the U.S. dollar is (92 gourdes = 1 dollar). Employees are asking for a 300% salary increase as inflation rises in the country. Continue reading

Pianist Recipient of medal of the Senate of the French Republic

Franco-Haitian classical pianist Célimène Daudet was awarded a medal by the Senate of the French Republic Tuesday for her international achievements in music and showing serving as a musical link to Haiti and other foreign artists. Daudet’s mother is Haitian.

“I am deeply touched and honored to have been chosen by the Embassy of Haiti in France to receive the Senate Medal,” she said. “Huge thank you.” Continue reading

Haitians In America

Haitians in America: Haitian-American finds his stride with film

Director/producer Robinson Vil has built an impressive resume of developing compelling character-driven stories that keep the viewer on edge of their seats. His production company, Villain Pictures, displays a variety of work ranging from drama to action to a segway in music videos.
Vil speaks to Go West Now on the elements that make for a great film and his latest work, Blood Trails. Continue reading

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