U.S. Agency Commits to Financing Projects in Haiti

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) CEO David Bohigian met with President Jovenel Moïse, Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin, Minister of Finance Ronald December and Governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) Jean Baden Dubois Wednesday to discuss ways to promote investment in the Caribbean.

$35 million has been allocated to Haiti by OPIC for various projects including: housing, food production and construction. Continue reading

Belle-Anse Mayor Calls for Help in Hopes to end Drought Affecting Region

After experiencing a drought that has gone on for more than six months, Mayor Denoil Anténor of Belle-Anse has asked for help in an effort to help its residents who often have to travel to find water to consume.

“For six months, the rain does not really fall in Belle-Anse, except in the mountains,” he said in an interview with FwoteLide on AlterRadio Tuesday. “A situation that affects the living conditions, already precarious, residents of Belle-Anse.”

Other places that have experienced drought in recent months includes the town of Ganthier and the commune of Cornillon in the eastern part of Haiti. Continue reading

Tech hopefuls participate in first-ever Google Haiti Hackathon

600 people got the opportunity to participate in a Google hackathon and training session where they brainstormed ideas to further develop technology. The training focused on product development, web development and artificial intelligence. Continue reading

EU ambassador to Haiti believes there will be no sustainable development in the country without governance and security.

Vincent Degert, the EU ambassador to Haiti, called for responsibility and good governance in a speech at Quisqueya University last week. The ambassador also called for more transparency and accountability if Haiti wants to provide quality access housing, education and healthcare. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

Haiti: The Next Fashion Mecca of the World

From an early age, Claire Sulmers was empowered to create a seat where one wasn’t accessible to her. The editor in chief, speaker, author and influencer founded Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006, to promote diversity in an industry where the majority of the players are not people of color. Continue reading

Health & Science

Off-grid solution for Haiti electrification to receive $17 million funding

Floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes have repeatedly spelled disaster for Haiti, taking their toll on the island’s infrastructure to the extent only one in three households are connected to the grid. In rural areas the figure falls to 5%. Continue reading

*Haiti roundup compiled by Bianca Silva

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