Kiskeya Radio Celebrates 25 Years

On May 7, Kiskeya Radio celebrated their 25 year anniversary. Founded in 1994 by Marvel Dadin, Liliane Pierre-Paul and the late Sonny Bastien. Last December, a fire engulfed the radio station, destroying decades of work. Continue reading

Missing Shipping Containers Found

Seventeen shipping containers that were reported missing from a Haiti port last month has been found, according to officials. Two of the 17 containers were suspected of having weapons and ammunition, further alarming officials. Continue reading

New Report Paints Dire Picture of Haiti

A new report published by the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights, a human rights organization in Haiti, described the environment in Haiti as a “chaotic human rights situation.” According to the report, between January and March 2019, 101 people have been killed by injuries sustained by gunshots or stabbing, thirteen of which are police officers.

“Haitian justice is being held hostage by seated and standing magistrates who engage in influence peddling and corruption,” the organization said. Continue reading

Queens Public Library Offers Free Haitian Creole Classes

Queens Public Library is offering free 7-week Haitian Creole course at the central branch in Jamaica, Queens. The course, taught by Wynnie Lamour, founder of the Haitian Creole Language Institute, is open to those with little or no prior knowledge of the language and will focus grammer, phonetics and language structure. Continue reading


Black Travel Vibes: Discover the Stunning Beauty of Haiti

Despite being the first free Black republic in the world, people continue to sleep on Haiti. The country has gone through its fair share of troubled times since its history-making revolution against the French, but the beauty of this vibrant Caribbean island cannot be denied. Continue reading

South Florida

Miami police search for suspect after shooting in Little Haiti

A man was shot Tuesday afternoon in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood, authorities said. Continue reading

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