HAITI : Some Information Coming out About New Security Force

General Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Renald Lubérice denied that there would be foreigners in the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN). While this new security unit is to ensure the protection of the President, the National Palace has not violated any law or rule by putting adequate materials at the disposal of the unit, Radio Metropole reports Continue reading

HAITI : Opposition Groups Disagree

Activities are paralyzed in Haiti since November 18, 2018. There's tension in the south of the country. In Les Cayes, supporters opposition sympathizers clashes. Konbit òganizasyon politik, sendikal ak popilè denounces the supposed maneuvers of the Core group (the group of the main countries and international institutions partners of Haiti) to eventually set up a transitional government at the head of the country. While AyitiNouVleA, (the group that is at the initiative of the mobilization #PetroCaribeChallenge) maintains its position in favor of a real trial on the PetroCaribe case and does not express opinion on the paralysis of the country, Alterpresse reports Continue reading

HAITI : Six Dead from Car Accident

A vehicle registered as State Service, struck eight people, killing six instantly. The two others seriously injured were rushed to the hospital under the watchful eye of the police who were on the scene and intervened by firing tear gas at the angry crowd that wanted to drag the driver of the car, Radio Television Caraibes reports Continue reading

HAITI : Deputy Jerry Tardieu Offers Proposal to End Crisis

Deputy Jerry Tardieu invites protagonists to discuss the issues and proposes his solution :

  1. Establishment of conditions for a transparent and serious investigation into the Petrocaribe case in order to reach a trial to expose and punish those guilty of squandering public funds.
  2. Establishment of a roadmap of the government of public safety composed of personalities known for their competence and their successes in their respective sectors.
  3. Reflection on the constitutional reform. Le Nouvelliste reports Continue reading

HAITI : President Moise Addresses Country After 4 Days of Inactivity

On Wednesday, the President Jovenel Moise, broke his silence after four days of total paralysis of all activities in Port-au-Prince and most provincial cities. Moise presented his sympathies to the families of the victims of the recent events while inviting his opponents to respect the constitution. He insisted that Haiti is a democratic country and announces that dialogues will be made between the prime minister and those concerned for the better functioning of the country, Le Nouvelliste writes Continue reading

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