Lawyers of the bar of Port-au-prince Go On Strike

The judiciary asks the authorities concerned to take all the necessary measures for the distribution of justice to the court of first instance of Port-au-Prince.

For the Office for the Protection of the Citizen, this work stoppage has disastrous consequences for the judiciary and aggravates the situation of the prisoners being unable to benefit from the services of the members of the bar which constitute in many ways a fundamental judicial guarantee, according to Radio Tele Caraibes. Continue reading

HAITI: Moise Jean Charles, ex presidential candidate raises the flag of Jean Jacques Dessalines

The black and red flag was waved last Saturday in Cap-Haitien during a demonstration organized by Moise Jean Charles, to demand accountability regarding the Petrocaribe case and overthrow the government in place,last Saturday, Radio Metropole Continue reading

Gary Bodeau Says Haiti Has a Management Problem.

Haiti does not have a government/presidential/prime minister problem, says Gary Bodeau, president of parliament’s lower chamber. He encourages dialogue so that certain subjects can be addressed, such as the formation of the Permanent Electoral Council, the accelerated depreciation of the gourde, the question of the budget, the amendment of the Constitution and the reform of the justice system, according to Radio Tele Caraibes. Continue reading

Officials Meet to Tackle Academic Problems at the State University of Haiti

From November 12 to 23, 2018, the Steering Committee of the University of the State of Haiti will meet to find solutions for some of the privlems plaguing the institution, Le Nouvelliste writes. engage in the different entities of the university: debates, discussions and reflections, in order to find in internal consultation on the ills that disrupt the functioning of the University. Then, will come the meeting of the University of the State of Haiti that will take place on December 13,14 and 15 of 2018. Continue reading

Second Edition of the International Piano Festival is Set

From November 15 to 24 of 2018, the second edition of the International Piano Festival directed by Célimène Daudet will be held in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel. The festival will feature 15 concerts, workshops for children, an exhibition of the painter Frantz Zéphirin and 40 Haitian artists including a few international ones : Francesco Tristano, Guillaume Latour, the Voce Quartet, and the Bohemian Trio, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Gérald Bloncourt, Haitian Photographer And Activist, Dies At 91

Gérald Bloncourt, who after being expelled from Haiti for his role in antigovernment protests in 1946 went to Paris and turned his zeal for social justice into photography that captured the humanity of immigrants and factory workers, died on Oct. 29 in Paris. He was 91. Continue reading

What Happened When A Nation Erased Birthright Citizenship

This is a story about what happens when you limit birthright citizenship and stir up hate against a certain class of immigrants. It takes place in the Dominican Republic. Continue reading

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