Guichard Doré defends dismissal of officials in Haitian President’s Cabinet.

Guichard Doré has tried to make clear that the dismissal of the Secretary General of the National Palace, the chief of staff of Jovenel Moise and all the councilors has nothing to do with the protests of October,17 where protesters ask account of the use of PetroCaribe funds. According to Mr. Doré, for several months, President Moïse sought to do these dismissals in his office. Continue reading

Agriculture Minister Jobert Angrand unveils government's seven priorities

“Restructuring and strengthening the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development” is the first of seven priorities. The issue of retirement, the integration of young executives, technical and managerial training policies and the facilitation of innovation in the sector are all points that constitute the first priorities. “It is important for the ministry since it will allow better coordination of actions…” said Minister Jobert C. Angrand. Continue reading

Haiti has one of the lowest per capita income in the region.

In Haiti, transfers to the agricultural sector in relation to the Gross Domestic Product are important. It appears that more than 6% of the Gross Domestic Product is transferred to producers through agricultural and food programs. This may seem appropriate considering the low income in Haiti and its high proportion of rural people. But, as reported in the Inter-American Development Bank's report, Haitian agricultural productivity remains low and urban consumers bear the burden of transfers. Continue reading

Haitian Govt Commissioner, Clamé Ocnam Daméus, weighs in on petrocaribe affair

Clamé Ocnam Daméus,Government Commissioner, justifies himself regarding the invitation sent to the former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe. Says he intervenes in the PetroCaribe case because the law entitles him to do so. He quoted Article 13 of the Code of Criminal Investigation which states: “The commissioners of the government are responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all crimes or crimes of which the knowledge belongs to the civil courts judging correctional or criminal. “He also referred to Article 57 of the Code of Criminal Investigation which states: “The investigating judge competent to hear the complaint shall order the communication to the Government Commissioner to be required by him what will be . “He stated that the actions he has taken are all legal. Continue reading

Haitian government wants a transparent investigation

Mr. Jimmy Albert, the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff regrets the misinterpretation of some civil society actors with regard to the formation of an independent commission. He intends to dispel any doubts about the objective of this independent commission that must be set up on the Petrocaribe case. He assures that the commission will not replace the institutions in charge of the investigation. This commission is part of an effort to combat the mistrust of Haitians, said Jimmy Albert. The government wants to restore trust by opening up to civil society. It is a call to make the process transparent and credible, he said. Continue reading

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