Increase and Enhance Mango Production

In collaboration with the Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine of the State University of Haiti, the Haitian Foundation of Agriculture and Recovery of the Economy organized a symposium on the Haitian mango industry. This two-day event, which was launched on Monday at the Convention and Documentation Center of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, enabled stakeholders in the sector to exchange for the purpose of increasing and valorization of this production. Continue reading

Govt. Owes Electricity of Haiti more than 17 Billion Gourdes

According to statistics provided by the general director of the Electricity of Haiti (EDH), the engineer Hervé Pierre-Louis, the global debt of the various sectors towards the state company amounts to 17.2 billion gourdes. This debt is thus distributed: residences in Port-au-Prince and in the cities of provinces exceeds 9 billion gourdes; businesses established in Port-au-Prince and in the provinces exceeds 1.2 billion gourdes; industries exceeds 1 billion gourdes; street lighting (lamps) reaches 3.7 billion gourdes; autonomous organizations in Port-au-Prince and the provinces amounts to 697 million gourdes; lastly, public bodies owe ED'H a value of 1.3 billion gourdes. Continue reading

Céant to Meet with Haitian Civil Society and Petrocaribe Affair Leaders

Mr. Céant begins Tuesday, October 23, 2018 consultations with leaders of civil society and the opposition to establish an independent commission of inquiry into the squandering of Petrocaribe funds. He proposes to include in these consultations political leaders, members of the private sector including chambers of commerce and employers associations, the Federation of Bars of Haiti, representatives of associations of media directors, leaders of trade unions, journalists, leaders of the Petro Challenge protest movement, leaders of Protestant and Catholic churches, leaders of Religion for Peace, leaders of human rights organizations, the university sector and prominent society. Continue reading

United Nations Office Sends Alert on Helping Victims of Oct. 6 Earthquake

In its latest report, dated 19 October, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Haiti claims that 11,134 families are affected in the departments and communes affected by the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that struck on Saturday. October at 8:12pm north-west.
According to statistics provided by the Directorate of Civil Protection 2.102 Houses were destroyed. In addition, 861 earthquake-affected students began receiving psychosocial support. Continue reading

Laurent Lamothe Failed to Show up at the Public Prosecutor's Office

Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe could not answer this Tuesday the invitation of the Government Commissioner, regarding the Petrocaribe case.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, the lawyers of the former head of government is surprised at this invitation, in a context where the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince has to stop all work since October,11. Continue reading

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