Haiti Police Open Fire On Protesters

Hundreds of people protested on the streets of Haiti’s capital Wednesday, demanding an investigation into the alleged diversion of $3.8 billion (US dollars) of funds from a Venezuelan oil agreement with Haiti and other Caribbean countries.

Police officers fired live ammunition at unarmed protesters. Continue reading

Haitians Protest Alleged Misuse Of Petrocaribe Funds

A protest by tens of thousands of people across Haiti turned violent Wednesday as anger grows over the alleged misuse of funds from an oil assistance program sponsored by Venezuela.

Gunshots rang out while protesters threw rocks, blocked roads and burned tires to demand more transparency in how the government uses funds from Petrocaribe. The program provides below-market financing for oil for several countries in the region. Continue reading

Haiti Announces Temporary Ban On Weapons

Haiti has announced a temporary ban on carrying firearms throughout the French-speaking Caribbean Community (Caricom) country until Thursday as Haitians commemorate the 212thanniversary of the assassination of Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines on Wednesday. Continue reading

Haiti Begins Countdown 24-hour Electricity Coming in 24 months

“We as technicians, we must do everything possible to achieve the goal of the President. If it is possible to achieve in 24 months as desired by the President of the Republic, several hazards can also hinder the implementation schedule” acknowledged the Director General of the National Energy Regulatory Authority, Dr. Evenson Calixte before detailing, in a pedagogical way, the ongoing electrification project of the country. Continue reading

“The culprits and thieves must not be in the streets …”

In a firm and resolute tone, the President of the Republic declared that “All those who have used PetroCaribe's money must be held accountable …” declared Jovenel Moïse in a speech at Marchand Dessalines on October 17 on the occasion of the commemoration of the 212 years of the assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Jovenel Moise gave the guarantee that the
PetroCaribe trial will be carried out under his administration. Continue reading

Haitian Government Earmarks 17 billion Gourdes to stabilize Oil Prices

For the month of October, if the statistics are not yet available, we already know that the situation has worsened. The haitian currency, gourde, is still losing it's worth.. At 73 gourdes for one dollar since Friday, October 12, 2018, it is a real calamity for Treasury to keep gas prices unchanged at the pump for a few weeks still. Continue reading

Café Philo in Nippes celebrates Its Second Year Anniversary

For two years now, the young people of Miragoâne have not participated in obscene activities as recreation. It is even written in large letters on the agenda of many of them that Wednesdays are reserved for the activities of Café Philo. They learned to love books. They rub themselves with a lot of personalities. As proof, a Friday night, young people prefer a reading workshop in the public square of Miragoâne to debauchery activities. Continue reading

#PetroCaribeChallenge #Oct17protests

October 17, national holiday. Date which represents the death of Jean Jacques Dessalines which is still commemorated, was a day of protest in all 10 departments of Haiti. The angry Protestants were asking for petrocaribe funds mostly with words than actions and demanding the resignation
of President Jovenel Moise. A calm demonstration was planned until some angry protesters threw rocks at the policemen who were defending themselves with tear gas. Shots took place. Some people died and some were injured. Hopefully riots of 6th and 7th of July are ancient
history because the police was indeed ready this time. - TheHaitiantimes

South Florida

Facelift Complete For Little Haiti Soccer Park

As kids ran up and down the newly renovated soccer field while playing soccer and catch with a football, wide smiles formed on their faces. Miami Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Kirwin was ready to show off the Little Haiti Soccer Park.

Kirwin was unveiling a $1.8 million rehab of the city’s park, which has storage and shaded exercise area. Continue reading

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