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October 5, 2018

“The organization Word And Action Haiti renew its commitment to prevent and reduce sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and any type of abuse of child abuse throughout Haiti. And for this reason strongly condemns the act of violence against Nice Simon, the Mayor of Tabarre.
Violence against girls and women is one of our major concerns, and we call on the authorities concerned to take responsibility and ensure the protection of all citizens across the country.

By acting impartially and in good faith, any act of violence, rape, verbal abuse should be punished in accordance with the law of the land. At least 75% of Haitian women are victims of this kind of abuse every year. As a result, schools and all other private and public institutions in the country should organize at least quarterly training related to violence against women and children. Word And Action Haiti is ready to help if asked.

We give our unconditional support to Nice Simon while asking the other victims to break their silence in the face of any injustice, both physical and psychological.”

George BOSSOUS, JR., M.S.Founder / Executive Director


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Invited to protest according to the law

PNH spokesman Michel-Ange Louis-Jeune warned those planning to commit acts of violence at the October 17 protests. He pointed out that the police institution does not make a fixation on that particular day as they work every single day in a year. However, he points out that instructions have already been issued to secure the country on this day (Oct.17), while some call for violence. Continue reading

Judges threaten to strike

The functioning of the Haitian courts could be disrupted this year by strike movements of judges. The president of the National Association of Haitian Magistrates, Jean Wilner Morin, warns that work stoppages can be made if the government refuses to accede to the judges' salary demands. It’s been two years now since judges have been demanding salary adjustments. Continue reading

A judge and his bodyguard killed by a flooded river in Ouanaminthe

Three people died in a vehicle that was swept away by the flooded “kanari” river after torrential rains fell on the Nord'Est department on the night of October 4, 2018.

Four of the seven passengers were rescued on that night and the remaining three passengers were missing. Searches continued to find Friday Oct.5 the corpses of judge Oswalde Joseph and an agent of the Haitian National Police who accompanied her in a river, precisely in an area called “Ponigo”.
Continue reading

The first actions of the Céant Government will be taken on the economic ground

It is in the Council of Ministers that this series of measures was taken this week. The traders, the biggest importers and the local producers were received in audience to see with them what can be done. In a second step, the dedollarization order of March 1st, 2018 will be reviewed and corrected. This hasty and misapplied measure was none productive since its entry into force.  Continue reading

Commemorating Dessalines’ 212th death anniversary

To commemorate the 212th anniversary of the death of Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines (Oct. 17), the government, through the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Civic Action, announced, Thursday, October 4, 2018, a whole set of activities.

These activities, including among others, literary contest, student parade and sports animation, were communicated at a press conference held at the Primature. They will be organized around the theme: “Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the promoter of the inclusion of all Haitians”. According to the speakers, the goal of this commemoration project is to promote a climate of peace and social harmony. It is also meant to revive patriotic awareness by cultivating the spirit of solidarity, citizenship.  Continue reading

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