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Street Is Renamed in Flatbush, to Joy and Controversy

After Haiti’s victory against France, Dessalines became Haiti’s first emperor in 1804. Aware that the French wanted to re-enslave the country, Dessalines called for the slaughter of all remaining white Frenchmen. Thousands of white people were killed in the massacre, historians believe. Continue reading


Thriving OKAP: A Conversation On Entrepreneurship, Collaboration And Female Empowerment

Thriving Okap was successfully launched on Aug. 14, as one of the first initiatives centered on local entrepreneurship by native capoise, Maritza Boudoir. Hosted in Downtown Okap, the event kicked off with an invigorating panel discussion on female entrepreneurship and empowerment, which was followed by a collaborative exploration of how local entrepreneurs and the Haitian diaspora can help strengthen the regional economy. Continue reading

How the DEA let one of Haiti’s biggest drug busts slip through its fingers

In the whistle-blower complaints, the two agents lay out a list of allegations, blaming their own office along with Haiti’s narcotics police for security failures at Haiti’s ports that they said have allowed drugs to flow through the country long before the Manzanares incident. Continue reading

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