Haitian Christmas Market Opened in Brussels with Gael Turine Author of “Voodoo”
The annual event opened with Gael Turine, Belgian photographer and member of the prestigious agency VU around. His splendid book “Voodoo”, published by Lannoo and prefaced by Laurent Gaude, Laennec Hurbon, Caroline Milic was presented at the event. This book published in three languages, takes us to the heart of the Vaudou religion practiced in the bush villages of Benin into the suburbs of Miami and the Florida beaches through the many mystical voodoo sites in Haiti.

Wyclef Jean in Dakar
The international star Wyclef Jean was welcomed last Friday in Dakar at the opening of the third World Festival of Negro Arts. Addressing all young people in Africa who love hip-hop, the former member of The Fugees who sold millions of records had this message for them: “Do not make music because you want the bling-bling or the beautiful girls. Do not imitate what you see in the West, the big bottle of champagne … Make hip-hop because you want your country to go forward”. He spoke to the crowd filling up half the largest stadium in Dakar before the start of a concert of the biggest stars of African music including Manu Dibango, Senegalese Youssou Ndour, Baaba Mal, Ismael Lo, the Benin’s Angelique Kidjo and South African Mahotella Queens.

Clinton Benoit has Joined DOLA
It’s a natural progression to want to try something different. Some of the best bands ever didn’t last long. Clinton Benoit needs what he needs, not more of the same. The singer, who turned his back to Compas music, is now making a comeback after couple years by joining New York band, DOLA. Working musicians often work in more than one band, and artistically, Clinton has more than one project, maybe in different styles. This time, DOLA falls into his lap without him even try, that is he gets a last minute call from the band that was playing a show but because of Armstrong decision to call it quit, so he has to fill in. “This is art, and I want something different from my effort than what I get from them.”, the singer said.

Six Haitian writers shortlisted for the Prix Carbet the Caribbean
Six Haitian writers are vying for the 21st Carbet prices in the Caribbean and the All-World 2010. The award ceremony will take place this Friday, December 17 at the Residence Hotel Gosier County’s Department of Bas du Fort, Guadeloupe. Jacques Gillot, president of the General Council will present this trophy to the winner. As a prelude to the ceremony for the price, some activities were held in Guadeloupe, while others will run until the eve of this fateful day for the Haitian authors invited.
The artists are Evelyne Trouillot (memory at bay, romance, Hoëbeke), Gary Victor (Blood and sea novel, Wind elsewhere); Kettly Mars (Seasons wild novel, Mercury), Rodney St. Eloi (Haiti Kembé Li! 35 seconds) ; Michel Laffont (My country to rebuild); Robert Berrouet Oriol (Poem of waning) and James Noel (Fists white-hot).

Calixte Beyata, to Run for the Elysee Office
The Franco-Cameroonian novelist, Calixte Beyata announced her intention to run for the presidency 2012. At the amphitheater of the Sorbonne in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, Claude Imbert, Director of Point pinned the medal of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor on the novelist. During the evening, the novelist has announced her intention to run for presidential elections in 2012. Now, with the group Citizen Equality, she went to collect five hundred signatures needed to validate her candidacy. Mother of two children, Beyata is a professional writer. In 1987, at age 23, she published her first novel, “The sun had burned my skin.” Since the writer is in her 19th publication, including the youngest released this year, “Les Lions Indomptables.”

Reknowed Artists Make a Sculpture for Sale for Haiti
Maybach and Julian Schnabel, partners for a period of 2 years and unveil a bronze sculpture with the sweet name of “Queequeq”, presumably inspired by the hunter to harpoon Moby Dick. Measuring 4.83 m long, 1.70 high, this artwork previously registered in the Daimler Collection was auctioned on Dec. 2 along with 5 other creations. The best part is that the sale was donated in full to the founding of Sean Penn, who actively supports the reconstruction of Haiti.

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