gun violence Brooklyn
The writer's car, with a bullet hole from a 2020 shooting. Courtesy photo by Rita Joseph.

Several Delmas neighborhoods are experiencing a spate of “music” violence. Early last Monday morning members of Barikad Crew engaged in a gun battle with a carload of alleged members of Rockfam. The violence affects everyone not just the band, said one reporter; the fans suffer too. “What’s particularly unnerving for all of us in Delmas is the random nature of these shootings,” one neighbor said on a radio show. The two most popular Haitian rap bands have been at odds for quite sometime, but people thought that the Barikad Crew tragedy that took the life of four of their members could have changed their already tarnished reputation. It seems that a fear has spread across parts of Rap Creole movement, and promoters are trying to fix it.

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