Shabba, DJ Tony Mix
(L To R)Shabba and DJ Tony Mix

Herve Antenor, better known as Shabba, will end an extended break from the percussions and move to the spotlight with the release of his debut solo album, titled “Pi Piti Pi Red”. The record is currently being mixed and tentatively scheduled for the “Musique en Folie” release. Shabba told Radio One in Haiti what to expect from the project. “The record is a mixed record, with yrics penned by different artists such as Richard Cave, Nickenson Prudhomme, and Ti Regie, a lot of different layers and definitely interesting,” he said. “I don’t know how to talk about my own music really well, I kind of just like having other people draw conclusions. But it’s been exciting working on it. I’ve had the same energy as if it was Djakout.” Although the material is maybe a little different compared to what he’s done in the past. The album also has touches of Tropicana’s “Gason Total” with vocals by Michael Guirand, Gracia Delva, Gazman and Wyclef Jean.

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