Arly Lariviere, Nu Look

Arly Lariviere may be a talented musician, but that should not give him the license to show up at clubs whenever he feels like it. At a party in Broward County last weekend, Arly showed up at 1 am at a party that was supposed to start at 11 pm.
The fans were very disappointed when the musician unplugged his keyboard and left the club while the rest of the band was playing. Many fans were angry and called radio stations the next day to demand a boycott of Nu Look in Broward, unless Arly “fixes” his unacceptable behavior. “Being a fan is no different than being a musician, if we come to support a band, they must show us respect and we feel that we should be allowed to express ourselves as fans to ban Nu look here in Broward”, a caller said. Arly Lariviere explained later to a reporter that he had to leave the club because of an early morning flight he could not miss.

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