Watching the results of recent local elections in the city of NY, it is safe to say the Haitian-American community is beginning to make important foray into the political machine of the state. Granted that we already have achieved the proverbial milestone for having the first Haitian-American elected official, councilman Mathieu Eugene. But the recent election of Ms. Rodneyse Bichotte is somewhat the real thing that will enable a Haitian-American person to be at the table in the real decision making /voting sense on the grassroots level in the state of New York Political machine, national and city politics as the Female State Committee Woman in the 42nd Assembly District in Brooklyn. In this business access is everything. She has become one of the King’s men. Kings County has the largest registered Democratic voters in the country. In a county where the voting pattern favors Democratic candidates by a ratio of 7 to 3 for Republican votes in most downstate contests, this qualifies it as a Democratic stronghold. It is safe to say that once a candidate wins a primary election in Kings County he or she would have basically won the contest.
We worked hard from near and far to elect them that we should be entitle to see results for the sacrifices we made said a supporter of Ms. Bichotte. I agree another one replied. In the packed room of Crystal Palace lounge on Flatbush Ave, it was electric as Ms. Bichotte walked into the room crowded with her hardened supporters, Friends, family members and newly acquired ones. She smiled broadly stopping every now and then to snap a picture with a supporter or two. I arrived early, as usual, on time. I sat quietly by the bar sipping my virgin Cosmopolitan. The parade of more senior elected officials from Congresswoman Yvette Clark to NY State Supreme Court Judges one after the other made flowery speeches to congratulate the newly anointed political matron. They will need her troops next time they run. She was branded as the person that will bring back the bacon the elected officials in the room assertively claim. Anecdotal, I suppose, to be the one that will bring political empowerment to our community.
But experience shows that as soon as we put our people in power that they convert to devote themselves to woefully advocate for the interests of the mighty and already more powerful factions in our community with fatter purses to the detriment of our side of the avenue. One cannot help but to ask this, however cynical, question I must admit. What Now? Well I’m hoping that this time that our new star and her handlers will remember the reason why she ran for office to begin with.
Very few understand better than I the humble lessons and the discipline it takes to evolve in the political process. The Haitian-American community is by no means homogeneous. That explains the reason I supported Ms. Natasha Holliday in the race. I committed to her well before I knew Ms. Rodneyse was in the race. I have no regret of having done so. For two well qualified young women did a splendid job and the stronger one claimed the prize. That I believe makes Ms. Bichotte a stronger and more formidable candidate. I’m indeed very happy and excited that a fellow Haitian-American is on her way to be a key player in the process. I found Ms. Bichote a very graceful and mature politician. As I promised her then and henceforth she will have my full support. However, I must warn my fellow Haitian-American to be vigilant not allow her to pass us by, that support comes with keeping her eyes on the prize. I would be remiss not to mention that to my surprise our illustrious first elected Haitian-American sparkled only by his absence. Well I left after I made my monetary pledge to “Friends of Ms. Bichotte” Campaign fund, just a little bit before the end of the event, puzzled as to why on earth he would miss such a celebration.

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